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Yakima Painting Company

At Yakima WA Painting Company, we offer sandblasting services that help make your old things look like new again. If you have tools, equipment or furniture that you don’t want to get rid of then gives us a call. It may be necessary to remove the coating so that the object can be painted or stained. This is very difficult to do without the right equipment but rest assured that we have all that we need to handle the job. We have invested in sandblasting equipment that enables us to remove the coating for you in no time.

Yakima Residential Sandblasting

Our painters can do more than just paint your house or business, they can also sandblast it. With our residential sandblasting services, we can help make anything around your home look better. Our contractors typically use wet sandblasting to get rid of grime, contaminants, dirt, and paint from your furnishings. They will initiate other types of sandblasting methods when they see the need to do so. Some work better than others. Their years of experience have taught them this. The next time you have something that has rusted and you don’t want to throw it out; call us!

Yakima Industrial Sandblasting

Many of the industrial businesses that we work within Yakima call on us when they want to have something sandblasted. If they have equipment that has become old and it is bringing down the appearance of your business then do yourself a favor by contacting us to take care of this for you. With the right type of sandblasting technique used to sandblast your equipment, we are sure that you’ll be happy with the final results of our efforts. Call on us when you want to be sure that the job is done right.

Affordable Yakima Sandblasting Services

If you want your old items to look like new again but you are not sure how to do this without purchasing it again. We are here to tell you that you can get exactly what you want from Yakima WA Painting Company. We will work with you regardless of your budget to ensure that you can receive the help that you want and need at the most affordable prices possible. Don’t spend money that you don’t have to when our sandblasting methods prove effective in eliminating the stains that you want to get rid of.

Guaranteed Satisfaction!

We are confident in our ability to help with your sandblasting needs. This is because we have taken the time to find the most competent team of professional sandblasting contractors in Yakima. Sandblasting is an effective way to completely remove the coating on anything so that you can start with a fresh surface. We want to provide you with the results that you want and need and we are sure that we can. Despite how much work needs to be done, we are sure that you will be satisfied with our efforts. We stand by our work and offer you guaranteed satisfaction.



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