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At Yakima WA Painting Company, we do more than paint, we also stain. If you have a log home, the one thing that we want to tell you is not to paint it. If you have one that was now newly built and that could use a little TLC, let us improve its appearance with a nice stain. It is sure to freshen up the look of your cabin. We understand how tempting it can be to paint your log home but it is not the best look for it. We can show you the stains that we use to encourage you to stain instead of paint.

Log Home Experts

Our log home experts are experienced in properly attending to the needs of our customers. They know how to effectively stain your log cabin and make it look like new again. The stain that they use is safe. They come to you with your options and allow you to pick out the one that is best suited to your needs. A log is unique and has the stain has to be applied in a certain way. Our experts know how to do this and give you what you are expecting.

Why You Shouldn’t Paint Your Log Home

Log homes need to breathe. Paint traps moisture and makes this impossible to do. Moisture is the death of a log home and should be avoided. The logs will begin to deteriorate when there is moisture trapped in them. It will start rotting from the inside out. This leaves you with expensive repairs because a professional will have to cut out the area that is rotting and replace it. Once they replace it, they still need to treat it so that this problem doesn’t happen again. We also don’t suggest you seal the logs with epoxy. This is just as problematic as paint.

Qualified Experts

At our company, we only hire the most qualified experts to stain your log home. This enables us to provide you with the quality of service that you deserve. Our experts take their job seriously and that is why they are effective in their duties. They will treat your log home as though it were their own. When you have your log home stained by our experts, you will experience long-lasting benefits. We always offer you your money’s worth no matter the extent of the job.

Why Hire Yakima WA Painting Company

We have more than a decade of experience staining log homes and only work with the most experienced log cabin staining professionals. Our experts can make your home look like new again and this makes it well worth your money. If you’re not convinced that staining is what you want then do contact us and let us show you what we can do for you. We offer you a no-obligation, complimentary consultation. Learn all that you need to know about log cabin staining to make a well-informed decision about whether this is what you want.



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